Update Dari Trading System

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Update Dari Trading System

Post  Severith on Wed Apr 21 2010, 17:43

We have received quite a few comments about the upcoming changes to the trading and gifting systems that were announced on April 16.

After considering everyone's suggestions carefully, we have decided to revise the trading and gifting system changes as below. Please be aware that the trade system is still in the beta stage and further changes are possible. Postage for gifting and trading will also be free (0 Chibi Coins) during trading beta!

1. It will now be possible to trade or gift items from each new Gacha two weeks after the start of that Gacha.
2. Gacha items needed for a campaign or special event will be tradeable or giftable after that campaign or special event comes to an end.
3. Items won through campaigns and events will be tradeable and giftable right away.
4. The changes will not affect Gachas or campaigns that are available at the time of this notice.

These changes will take effect starting with the Gacha released during this week's maintenance (scheduled for Wed. April 21 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT).

We hope that this will both prevent new items from declining in value for users who spent much time and money to get them, and also allow enough freedom and balance to keep trading a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

Thank you for being a part of TinierMe BETA.
The TinierMe Team

Intinya ::
< Gacha bisa ditrade setelah 2 minggu
< Barang Capaign tidak bisa di trade selama campaignny masih ada <<< Payah DX
< Barang Hasil campaign langsung bisa di trade <<< sama aja donk DX
< Peraturan Berlaku di gatcha yg muncul setelah tanggal 21 ~> Yokai , Cirque,dll g
kena peraturan ini


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Re: Update Dari Trading System

Post  TequilaOfTheDawn on Wed Apr 21 2010, 18:56

jah ga jauh beda klo gini mah
harus usaha lebih juga buat dapet campaign itemnya


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Re: Update Dari Trading System

Post  Jose Whiteheart on Thu Apr 22 2010, 04:24

Masih kompromi soal trade ya... 2 minggu itu berarti campaign sudah habis... Jadi klo pengen dapetin sendiri, mau ga mau beli G-coin... =_=a

Tapi untunglah masih dpt kompensasi...


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Re: Update Dari Trading System

Post  Augusta Wolviedan on Thu Apr 22 2010, 08:03

....ini tega banget buat miskin macam aku........

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Re: Update Dari Trading System

Post  LionerVII on Thu Apr 22 2010, 11:42

Wah ruwet man!! gilakz tu TM buat menderita
hiks hiks masa gak bs trade barang baru~_~


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Re: Update Dari Trading System

Post  Hikami on Tue May 18 2010, 19:58

riweuh desu~


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Re: Update Dari Trading System

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