UNLIGHT (Gothic Anime FB Card RPG)

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UNLIGHT (Gothic Anime FB Card RPG)

Post  emperor aester on Sat Jan 29 2011, 11:53



Fantastic card battle RPG. Use the character cards that you trained and set it to the deck. Battle online players using your tactics and luck.

The Scenery and Story
The Saint of Flames of the Roaring Mountains is seeking revenge. And so she is putting an army together of dead warriors.
The players act in the role Saint's avatar (puppet).
She is trying to gather as many dead warriors who are lost souls of the under world. With this army the Saint shall proceed to undertake the world she hates.
This takes place in an 18th century European imaginary world, quite similar to ours but with high technology engineering.
As the world they departed was full of hate, these warriors are now lost spirits with tragic stories.Souls who committed suicide or were assassinated - regardless if they were royals, poor or outlaws, come together to relive their death. But will Saint's plan go as she thinks…
The story will proceed with the key question in mind.
What is the Saint after?
Will the warriors be able come back from the underground world?
What is the relation of the player and the warrior?
What is there to come?

Unlight merupakan Online Card RPG yang bertemakan tentang dunia Gothic,
gambarnya Anime style karena merupakan game garapan Japan,
Gamenya sendiri masih baru, dirilis pada awal tahun 2011 ini,
game ini tersedia 2 server, yakni US dan JAPAN, hanya bahasa yang beda
disini menang dan kalah tidak hanya ditentukan oleh skill maupun Card Lv berat,
namun LUCK lah yang berperan besar menentukan menang atau kalah player,
setelah mendaftar via fb pertama kita membuat nick dan juga avatar,
lalu pada awal permainan, player akan disuguhkan 3 pilihan starter Card,
ATK [SHORT RANGE] memiliki Advantage utk serangan jarak dekat
DEF [LONG-MID RANGE] memiliki Advantage utk serangan jarak jauh
HYBRID [ALL RANGE] ATK-DEF yang balance, specialnya juga ballance
setelah memilih kartu lalu kita akan menuju Tutorial Mode [bisa di SKIP]
untuk lebih mengenal bagaimana cara bermain di game ini,
disini terdapat 2 mode, yakni DUEL dimana bermain melawan player lain,
dan juga Quest Mode melawan AI [COM] dan juga BOSS QUEST
tiap mode mimiliki Prize yang berbeda-beda
pada QUEST mode Prize nya bisaa dilihat melalui icon yg muncul
[EXP = Prize Card yang player pilih di awal permainan, utk LV up Card]
[GREEN BOX = Prize Event Card]
[RED BOX = Prize Card AI yang player lawan]
[GEM = Prize Gem, mata uang di Unlight]
lalu regen energy +1 tiap @30 menit, juga bisa di refill dengan membeli item di shop,


[TS menggunakan Card Tipe DEF]
[UGN aester_light]
<= pke sotosop
[LV avatar 18]


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